Caring for Your Child’s Dental Mouthguard: Tips from Elite Smiles Dentistry

Ensuring your child’s dental health extends beyond regular check-ups and brushing routines. If your child participates in sports or suffers from teeth grinding at night, a dental mouthguard can be essential for protecting their smile. At Elite Smiles Dentistry in Chastain, we understand the importance of proper mouthguard care to maintain both oral health and […]

The Guide to Early Orthodontic Development Screening for Children

Childhood orthodontic care involves more than just braces or aligners; it’s a meticulously planned strategy to ensure proper teeth and jaw development. This guide aims to demystify early orthodontic screening, offering parents essential insights into its importance and implementation, equipping them to support their child’s orthodontic well-being effectively. Whether you’re seeking guidance at home or […]

Happy TMJ Awareness Month!

Treating bruxism in children at Elite Smiles Chastain Pediatric Dentistry.

OUR JAWS GET a pretty constant workout between all the talking, chewing, and yawning we do, but those simple activities…